Aunt B's is a household name!

Aunt B’s has been a local mom and pop restaurant for the past 33 years, owned by Basil and Phyllis Blackburn. Aunt B’s has been a family name for a long time and there are so many memories of customers past and present. Although they have rented out their business a couple of times, one thing remains, Aunt B’s is a household name. We hope to continue the same community feel that has always been such an important part of Aunt B’s. We hope to see this community continue to enjoy the Aunt B’s feel with an updated facility and grow closer as we serve, work and love this area!

  • Fresh meats, veggies, and eggs from farms right here in Tennessee
  • Farm in Nashville for fresh chicken, eggs, and farm fresh sausage
  • Working closely with local produce stands who serve local veggies
  • Ensuring fresh,┬ánever frozen American water seafood

“Main goal in two years: Be a very positive light here in the Milligan Community, see families make memories, watch our customers grow and not just see them as customers but family!”

Aunt B’s American Kitchen will be some of the same as the old, but also different. The old, will be that it’s still gonna be like family. We still offer the same breakfast and coffee for our morning customers. We hope to broaden our customers to Milligan students and faculty with the addition of WiFi and available room for study. We plan to keep some of the same staff, for customer familiarity. New team members will be different for our regular customers, but that is a positive change. The old Aunt B’s closed at 2:30 each day and 2:00 on Saturday, our new hours look more like 7:00-10:00. This gives our customers a nice place close to home to dine out with thier families without having to take business out of our area. We will have an updated facility with new ways for customers to pay, we will offer discounts for ALL Military Personnel, VIP Customers, and EMS, Fire , and Law Enforcement. This is new for us, but truly exciting.